Tom Brady Called ESPN’s Biased Coverage Of The Patriots A "Disservice" To The Game And "A Waste Of My Time." Daaaamn.

The Atlanta Falcons got caught pumping fake crowd noise into their stadium when their opponents were on offense. They cheated. They got caught and were punished.  And ESPN spent about one day talking about it.

The St. Louis Cardinals got caught hacking into another team's computer system. They not only cheated, they committed a federal crime for Christ's sake.  And ESPN spent about a half a day covering it.

The 49ers admitted that they put silicone on their jerseys and Jerry Rice admitted that he used stickum and ESPN didn't say a fucking word about it. That shitty ass show Outside The Lines didn't dig any deeper and their football "analysts" just ignored it.

Yet any time the Patriots are even suspected of cheating, ESPN spends days, weeks, months and sometimes  (in the case of Spygate) years talking about it.

Anyway, Tom Brady was on the Dennis & Callahan show and was asked about ESPN's blatant anti-Patriots coverage.  Here's what he said.

From WEEI:
“I hear it and then I just kind of ignore it [the rehashing of Spygate days before the season opener]. At this point in the season there’s only one thing for me to focus on. Anything else is a waste of my time. So, stuff like that’s really a waste of my time.”

“There’s so many players that work so hard and so many players I’ve played with that I respect and played against that put so much in and sacrificed their bodies, their minds for the sport that I think it’s just a disservice to talk about anything other than that. This game of football is great for a lot of reasons. All the other stuff...I just kind of ignore it at this point.”

I know it's very un-Patriots like to speak out like this...but it feels so goddamn good to hear.  On a side note, I wonder how many games Roger Goodell will try and suspend Brady for "conduct detrimental to his network."

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