Douchebag Indy Sportswriter: "Only A Scared Team Would Cheat" In The AFC Championship Game

Should the Colts concede a likely defeat, in other words, and lean on Luck’s unavailability as a crutch?

In a word: No. In two words: (Expletive) no. The Colts should give this game the best they’ve got, not because it’s the Patriots but because it’s the next game on the schedule, and the next game is always the most important game.

Besides, only a scared team would sit a healthy quarterback. Only a scared team would cheat, too. Let’s not be scared around here, OK? Let’s not be anything like the franchise coming to town on Sunday.

I can't tell if this guy, Gregg Doyel, really believes this or if he is just spewing bullshit to fire up the hometown crowd and piss everyone else off.

If he really believes the Patriots were scared of the after years of friggin owing them, then this guy is the dumbest fucking person on the planet.  And the fact that he has a job as a sports journalist is a joke.

There is no one on God's green Earth who really thinks that the Patriots were were scared in the AFC Championship against the Colts.  I refuse to believe it.  If this guy really, truly believes that then he should be locked in his mom's basement and medicated heavily because he is a danger to society.

I lost faith in humanity a long time ago, but to think that there is someone in the general population, mingling with society, who thinks that the Patriots cheated because they were afraid of losing to the Colts scares the everliving shit out of me.

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