FINAL: Patriots 30 Jets 23

The Patriots receivers had eleven drops.  ELEVEN.  Brandon LaFell had six alone.  If they had caught even half of those, this game would have been a blowout...and if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle.

Anyway, Patriots running backs ran for a total of 1 yard in this game.  That is friggin mind blowing.  But it didn't even matter.  Tom Brady was Tom Fucking Brady and threw for 355 yards, 2 touchdowns and lead the team in rushing with 15 yards.

In the fourth quarter alone, Brady completed 14 of 17 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns....just in the fourth friggin quarter!

The score was 17-16 Jets going into the fourth and the dude was playing pissed off.  And a pissed off Tom Brady is a scary Tom Brady.  He absolutely willed this team to a win.  Seriously, this is a game the Patriots probably should have lost...if Brady wasn't a superhuman, Godlike being living among mortals.

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