REPORT: ESPN To Eliminate 350 Jobs Due To "Loss Of Viewers." I Legit Have A Pants Tent Right Now.

From Bloomberg,com:
ESPN sports network, confronting rising programming costs and a loss of viewers, plans to eliminate as many as 350 positions, about 4.3 percent of its workforce, according to people with knowledge of the matter.  The cuts will be announced to employees as early as Wednesday.

The action follows Disney’s announcement in August that earnings at its cable networks won’t meet company forecasts as a result of subscriber losses and currency translation.

These scumbags made it their company mission to lie about the Patriots and spread Roger Goodell's bullshit propaganda for about eight months.

Now we're, what a month and a half into the season and they are blatantly ignoring what Tom Brady is doing--namely the fact that at 38 years old, he is friggin demolishing this league and is on pace to win the league MVP.

So hey, when you piss off an army of Massholes with your blatant anti-Patriots bias, you destroy your credibility, you damage your brand and you lose viewers.  That's just the way it goes.  So, these asshole had it coming to them.

I mean, I guarantee if Peyton Manning was doing what Brady is doing this season, they would be washing his balls daily.  The lack of coverage is friggin enraging.  But I digress.

Anyway, I hope Chris Mortenson and the rest of Roger Goodell's henchmen are the first to get a pink slip.

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