Tom Brady's Dad Wants To See The Patriots "Put 60 Points On The Board" Against The Colts. I Like His Balls.

The eight months of Deflategate were difficult on Brady’s family. It’s not easy to hear your son called a liar and cheater and have his legacy questioned when you believe he did nothing wrong.
There is no doubt how Tom Sr. wants things to play out Sunday night.
“The main thing I want is to see them win. As long as they have one point more than the Colts, I’m fine,” Brady Sr. said. “That being said, I’d like to see them put 60 points on the board, and love to see Tom throw for 500 yards and eight touchdowns. That’s me dreaming. That kind of comes from me.”

Damn.  I'm tempted to make Tom Brady Sr. an honorary Masshole.  That took serious balls to tell a major media outlet you want your son to beat the shit out of another team.  I like it.

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