VIDEO: Ben Roethlisberger Violated NFL Rules By Using Cell Phone On The Sidelines DURING The Game Last Night, Steelers Front Office Then Lied About It. Hmmm.

Can you even imagine the shitstorm that would be going on right now if that was Brady or Garoppolo?

According to Pro Football Talk, the Steeler have issued a statement saying that Roethlisberger was simply, "consulting his black, plastic wristband that contains the play calls for the game" and that "Roethlisberger kept the wristband in his sweatshirt, removing the device throughout the game to examine it."

Fucking liars.

Here's a closeup. I'm not a forensic scientist, but that looks a little thicker than a playbook wristband.  Actually, it looks just like a friggin cell phone.  Hell, it has a volume button on it.

AT THE VERY LEAST, Roger Goodell should investigate this situation.  He can't just brush it aside and accept the Steelers statement that it never happened.  That is not fucking right.

Remember, Browns GM Ray Farmer was suspended four games and the team was fined $250,000 for texting on the sidelines during a game in 2014.

I mean, if he really is the commissioner of the league and not just an asshole on a power trip to destroy the New England Patriots then he has to, at the very least, launch an investigation.

Roethlisberger should be asked straight up, were you on your cell phone?  If he says no, then ask him for his personal cell phone.  The precedent has been set.  They asked Brady.  They can ask Roethlisberger.  Let's keep things fair. 

And the Steelers front office needs to be punished for lying about it.  Period.  The fact that they were arrogant enough to deny it without even bothering to google "Roethlisberger cell phone" to see if there was a screenshot of the incident is ridiculous.

Your move, Goodell. It's time to show the world that you really are the commissioner of this league and not just an asshole with a personal vendetta against Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, et al.

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