VIDEO: Phil Simms Denies Patriots' Existence, Refers To Seahawks As "Defending Super Bowl Champions" On Thursday Night Football.

This actually happened last night, in front of a national tv audience.

Either Phil Simms is in denial about what happened on February 1st or he is auditioning for a job with ESPN. Seriously, how the hell does a professional broadcaster make this kind of "mistake?"

Remember, Simms publicly called Tom Brady a liar during DeflateGate and his son, Chris Simms, is a sportswriter who has made a career out of bashing Tom Brady (just google this asshole and you'll see about 90% of his articles are about how Tom Brady either sucks or is a liar with a tarnished legacy).

I'm starting to wonder if this was a mistake at all.  I mean, the dude never corrected himself during the broadcast.  So, there's that.

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