To All The Massholes Who Still Feel Like Shit Today.

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I'm Not One To Bitch And Moan About Officiating But You Must Admit, This Pretty Much Sums Up The Broncos Game.

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The Broncos Social Media Is Being Run By A Real Douchebag, Huh?

The Broncos official Facebook and Twitter page each posted this picture after the game last night:

Seriously, Tom Brady's Facebook posts are typically lighthearted and goofy.  This is just douchey.  In a way though, I'm glad they posted this because it's just going to piss Brady off even more and make it even more likely that the Patriots run the table from here on out.

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FINAL: Broncos 30 Patriots 24

Hey, you can still make the playoffs with a 15-1 record.  Or even a 14-2 record.  Big shit.

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Here's The Video Of Rob Gronkowski Injuring His Knee...If You Want To Relive The Nightmare.

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VIDEO: Here Is Tom Brady's Reaction To Rob Gronkowski Getting Carted Off With A Knee Injury.

The second Rob Gronkowski got onto that cart and left this game, I went friggin numb. Just completely numb. Based on his reaction, I think Brady did too.

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Before You Head To The Tobin, Here's Video Of Gronk Walking On His Own After Leaving The X-Ray Room.

No cart, no crutches, no walking boot. So, there's that.

There is also a report, from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, that the serious is "not serious."  So like I said, step away from the Tobin, people.

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VIDEO: Von Miller Basically Tried To Give Tom Brady A Concussion With A Late Hit After A Sack. What A Friggin MANCUNT!

Here's a stillshot:

Here's the video of the mancunt narrowly missing Brady's head:

Players should get penalized for the intent, not the result. If not for the grace of God (and probably the slippery field conditions), Tom Brady would be in the quiet room right now. There is no doubt this mancunt was trying to go helmet-to-helmet with Tom Brady.

I wonder if Roger Goodell is going to look at this tape and...oh nevermind. He has a thorn in his ass for Tom Brady and will just pretend this never happened. Just another friggin mancunt.

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As If You Needed Any Further Proof Rob Gronkowski Is One Of The All-Time Greats....

Rob Gronkowski passed Shannon Sharpe for third all-time among tight ends in touchdowns. And then there is this:

Yea, he is just that fucking good.

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Here Are The Patriots Broncos Keys To The Game

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Report: ESPN Employee, Ray Lewis, Gave The Bills A Pregame Pep Talk At Hotel Before Monday Night's Game.

From NESN:
Lewis was one of just two of ESPN’s panelists to pick against the undefeated Pats on Monday, instead taking Rex Ryan’s Bills on the road. He also provided egregious commentary that he’d rather play for Ryan than New England coach Bill Belichick. But arguably the most interesting tidbit — and humorous, when you try to picture it — comes from this rumor: Scott Zolak was told that Ray Lewis gave a speech to the Bills Sunday Night prior to the Pats game.

I'm sorry but Ray Lewis cannot work for this network after this. An ESPN employee giving a pep talk to a Patriots opponents? Jesus H Christ, now I've heard it all.

Listen, this isn't just a journalistic integrity issue. This is a friggin scandal.  If Lester Holt have Barack Obama a prespeech pep talk before he took the podium, all hell would break loose at NBC.

What's fucked up is that no one will cover this.  ESPN isn't going to cover an ESPN scandal.  The mainstream Boston sports media won't go after them because they are all pussies and afraid of being called homers.  The sports talk show hosts probably will, but no one in the national media will listen to them because they are a bunch of blowhards who sling bullshit daily.  Everyone is tone deaf to them.

So, you know what? ESPN just got away with this one.  Ray Lewis will continue to work for this piece of shit network as if nothing every happened and there will be zero accountability.

Just like when that coward Christ Mortenson lied about 11 of 12 balls being improperly deflated and just kept showing up to work and kept getting air time and just kept on tweeting away.

That network is being run by, and employees, a bunch of assholes.  And it pisses me off.

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Tom Brady Is Now 11-3 Verse Rex Ryan Coached Teams In His Career. This Sounds About Right...

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I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...

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VIDEO: Ray Lewis Says He Would Take Rex Ryan Over Bill Belichick, Steve Young Gives Him The "You Fucking Kidding Me" Face.

Before you get all pissed off, remember that Ray Lewis killed a guy once and thought nothing of it. So, his judgement is really really fucked up and you shouldn't take anything he says seriously.

What does piss me off is that this guy actually has a job as a football "analyst" an a major network and there are people who listen to him and actually think what he is saying has some sort of value.  That is scary as all hell.

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The Officials Blew An "Inadvertant Whistle" On This Play. What A Bunch Of Useless Pricks.

Then, they just said "oops" and the play was called dead.  That is not right.  Tom Brady got screwed out of 70 yards and Danny Amendola got screwed out of a touchdown.  Anything less than a written apology from the office of the commissioner is unacceptable.  The Patriots got flat-out screwed and these maggots need to show some accountability.

Here's the video:

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And Here's The Video Of Tom Brady Ripping His Offensive Line A New Asshole.

At this point in the game, the Patriots had only scored three points.  Peyton and Eli would have made a stupid face and just stared into the abyss.  Tom Brady?  He got really pissed off...then proceeded to score a touchdown to end the half.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand time:  a pissed off Tom Brady is a scary Tom Brady.

FINAL: Patriots 20 Bills 13

The Patriots beat the Bills for the second time this season and are now 10-0 on the season. Yawn.

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Here Are The Patriots Bills Keys To The Game

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ESPN Sucks But You Must Admit, This MNF Promo Of Bill Belichick Giving Rex Ryan The Universal "Screw You, Pal" Face Is Pissa.

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Here Is Peyton Manning's New Commercial...For A Retirement Home.

I have to be honest, it is pretty sad watching Peyton Manning fall apart while Tom Brady puts together another MVP season. Actually, no it isn't. Anyway, enjoy.

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ICYMI, There Was A Brawl At The Hurling Match At Fenway Park Today.

I know nothing about hurling...but I know this was pretty awesome.

Epic Brawl Between Galway And Dublin At Fenway Park
Missed the big hurling match? Don't miss this epic brawl that enchanted the crowd at Fenway Park...
Posted by NESN on Sunday, November 22, 2015

FINAL: Patriots 27 Giants 26

Sure, the Giants put up a fight.  Sure, they were real ball busters.  But in the end, the Patriots are 9-0 and the Giants are still a bunch of overrated bitches.

The mainstream media is going to say the Giants played a great game and that nearly knocking off an undefeated team means something to that organization but it's bullshit.  They lost and are 5-5.  Those are the facts.

Anyway, the Patriots were down 23-17 going into the fourth quarter of this game and once again Tom Brady was friggin clutch.  He threw for almost 200 the fourth quarter alone.  It was the 49th fourth quarter comeback win of his career.  Fuckin A.

And in the end, Stephen Gostowski made probably the most clutch field goal of his career.  It was a 54 yarder, to preserve the Patriots perfect season.  I am convinced this dude has friggin blood in his veins.

This game was probably the most intense, drama filled game of the season but I have to be honest, I miss the days when the Patriots were blowing bitches out.

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And Today We Got To See Yet Another Manning Face. Pissa.

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VIDEO: EVERYONE On This Plane Went Apeshit When Gostkowski Made That Last Second Field Goal....And It Was Friggin Awesome.

As if you needed any further proof that this game felt like a playoff game.

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I'm Just Going To Leave This Right Here.

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Here Are The Patriots Vagiants Keys To The Game

Everyone this week has been talking about how the Giants own the Patriots, bla, bla, bla.  That is bullshit.  If you look at the numbers, like I did, you will see that the Giants (the 5-4 Giants) have a sucky defense.  It is one of the worst in the NFL.

So, don't believe the bullshit.  This game isn't some sort of repeat of the Super Bowl.  This game is the most prolific offense in the NFL playing against a bunch of friggin bums.

My official prediction:  Patriots 52 Giants 10

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An ESPN Columnist Compared Patriots Fans To Greg Hardy Supporters. That Network Has Officially Hit Rock Bottom.

ESPN "columnist" Jane McManus was on Mike & Mike and said the following.

From ESPN Radio:
I think you look at the Patriots fan base with Deflategate and you will find a group of people that are surrounding that team and really defend that team.  You all know better than anyone working in this business that fans will often defend a team no matter what has happened with it or what the player has done....I think that’s the ultimate problem. You do have fans that are going to defend him [Greg Hardy]."

This “columnist” is obviously just toeing the company line. She has clearly been brainwashed, just like most of the other on air “talent” at that sad excuse for a sports network, to shit on Patriots fans.

We are no different than people who blindly support a domestic abuser? There is no way on God’s green Earth someone can truly believe that.  There is no fucking way.

The fuckface executives running that network, whose mission it is to shit on Patriots fans on behalf of Roger Goodell, must have got to her.  They took a good "columnist" and turned her into just another one of Goodell's douchebag soldiers.

If she had a brain of her own, she would know that the Ideal Gas Law explains the alleged loss of air pressure in the AFC Championship game and that we are, therefore, not blindly supporting a cheater.  If she had a brain of her own and did her friggin homework, she would know that Patriots fans do denounce actual criminals like Aaron Hernandez.

But nope.  She is just another douchey troll spinning reality, spewing ESPN’s propaganda and shitting on fans of the best team in the NFL right now.  What a goddamn shame.

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Well, The Broncos Aren't Undefeated Anymore...And We Got To See Our First Manning Face Of The Season.

Not only did the Broncos lose to the sad sack Colts, we also got to see our first Manning Face of the season today.  It's been a while and to be honest, I've kinda missed his fugly "well, awe shit" face.

Anyway, this game told me a lot.  First of all, it told me that Peyton Manning is still good at shitting the bed.  He had a chance to break Brett Favre's NFL record for all-time passing yards and all-time wins and do it in the city that made him and (what a shocka) he choked.  So, the dude is still a world class choke artist.

On top of that, the fact that this "great" Broncos defense couldn't even stop an injured Andrew Luck tells me that the Patriots are going to kick the shit out of these frauds on November 29th.  Mark my words.

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FINAL: Patriots 27 Redskins 10

Some people are going to bitch that 27-10 is not considered an ass kicking but let's be serious, that last touchdown was in garbage time.  This game was never really close.  The Patriots were up 17-0 at halftime and lead 27-3 late in this game.  So, I'm going to call it an ass kicking.

The big story is that Dion Lewis left this game with a knee injury and Sebastian Vollmer left with what appeared to be a concussion.  That sucks.  But I'm not exactly headed to the Tobin over it.  Call me a cocky son of a bitch, but I see this team finding a way to win despite these injuries.  I just do.

The Patriots defense held the Dolphins to just 7 points last week and the Redskins to 10 points.  Tom Brady threw for 299 yard today and two touchdowns with a makeshift offensive line and LeGarrette Blount ran for 129 yards and a touchdown with Dion Lewis in the locker room.

So, let's not head to the Tobin, people.  The Patriots are 8-0 right now and there is no need to shit on our parade.

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And The Tour Just Keep On Rolling Along...

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Here Are The Patriots Redskins Keys To The Game

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A 7-11 In Colorado Prints Receipts That Say "Tom Brady's A Cheater." I Shit You Not.

I hope Tom Brady sues this dude's ass off, takes his store in the lawsuit and makes him watch as he burns it to the friggin ground.

On a side note, I'm glad this dude posted his receipt and showed the world what an asshole this owner is while not giving two fucks that he was also showing the world that he got a $390 money order at 7-11.

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Ryan Wilson Of CBS Sports: Patriots Win Coin Flip At "Impossible" Rate. Talk About Stirring Shit Up.

The Pats have won the coin toss 19 of the last 25 times, according to the Boston Globe's Jim McBride. For some perspective: Assuming the coin toss is a 50/50 proposition, the probability of winning it at least 19 times in 25 tries is 0.0073. That's less than three-quarters of one percent. 

Sure, those are all facts.  But I couldn't help but notice that the headline of this article is: "Patriots have no need for probability, win coin flip at impossible clip."

Impossible?  So...they are somehow manipulating the coin flip?  So, they have some sort of unfair advantage or something?  What the hell is this guy implying?

I understand using your power in the mainstream media to brainwash people into hating the Patriots.  I am used to it.  It happens all the time.  But flat-out saying that they are winning a Goddamn game of chance at an "impossible" rate?  That is the definition of irresponsible journalism and is just plain douchey.

Nice try, CBS Sports.  Nice attempt to start the next "the Patriots are cheating" scandal.  But I don't think the masses are going to buy your bullshit...even if you call their luck "impossible."

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Wow. I Didn't Realize USA Today Was Being Run By A Bunch Of Assholes...Until Today.

via @MichaelFHurley

From USAToday:
Not only does Tom Brady cut a dash in a tux, he has reached that rare level of hero status Bond enjoys – people don’t care whether he did or did not cheat in the pursuit of ultimate glory.

As for Bond, for all of his upper-class English charm, he has long been a master of dirty tricks....for Bond, however, there was no outcry, no inquest, no Wells Report-style investigation from other spies, international governments, crime syndicates or even his boss M, the Roger Goodell of the counter-intelligence world.

Bond hits American theaters on Thursday, six months to the day since Ted Wells briefly entered the consciousness of sports fans and Brady’s text messages became public consumption.
Maybe it was just nonsense to begin with. Or maybe people are more willing to forgive when it’s Brady.  Charm, good looks, talent and a tendency to win big will get you far. Just ask the globe-trotting man of mystery who regularly has a beautiful woman at his side. Or ask James Bond.

The editors of that "newspaper" are a bunch of assholes.

First of all, they shamefully tied Tom Brady into their infomercial for the new James Bond movie in order to get more clicks.  Secondly, they actually employ someone who writes at a middle school level--I mean, that article is friggin painful to read.  And thirdly, they are fucking ignoring the Ideal Gas Law, just like the rest of the ignorant, Patriots hating assholes out there.

I'd call for a boycott but no one buys that pathetic excuse for a newspaper anyway.

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Ladies And Gentlemen, Your AFC Offensive Player Of The Week.

Tom Brady has won his 25th AFC Offensive player of the Week award after shredding the Miami Dolphins on “Thursday Night Football." And while the NFL is quick to credit the Patriots signal-caller, ESPN was not.

Using their “Total QBR” algorithm, the mothership ranked Brady 14th for his performance, behind the Week 8 performances of Aaron Rodgers (77 passing yards, no touchdowns) and Geno Smith (265 yards, two touchdown, one interception).

This must really burn ESPN's ass. I swear, that bullshit "total QBR" stat was made up by them just to make Tom Brady look bad on a weekly basis (according to Wikipedia, the stat was literally invented by ESPN).

I mean, how the hell does a guy who throws for 356 yards and four touchdowns rank lower than Aaron Rodgers, who threw zero touchdowns? It is a stupid, stupid stat. (FWIW here's the complete Week 8 rankings).

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FINAL: Stars 5 Bruins 3

That game sucked.  Tyler Seguin gave the Bruins a swift kick in the balls with a hat trick and Chris Kelly broke his friggin femur.  So, rather than making a headline bitching about the worst trade in the history of this organization, I'm just going to post this video of a girl weeping after getting a puck from Tyler Seguin.

By the way, I was so friggin tempted to photoshop that sign.  But anyway...

A video posted by NHL (@nhl) on

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VIDEO: Mike Tirico Mocked The Colts' AFC Finalist Banner In Front Of A National TV Audience. That Was Pissa.

This is from the Monday Night Football pregame show tonight.  Nothing like getting called out in front of a national tv audience for being toolbags.

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Robert Kraft Dressed As Run DMC For Halloween...Proving He's The Most Awesome 74 Year Old On The Planet.

According to, Robert Kraft went to a Halloween party in Beverly Hills and went as Run DMC.  They have the pictures to prove it:

The dude with Robert Kraft is billionaire Hollywood producer, Brian Grazer.  The girl isn't famous enough to be identified, I guess.

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REPORT: The Colts May Lose Draft Picks And/Or Get Fined For Lying On Their Injury Report About Andrew Luck's Fractured Ribs.

From IndyStar:
The NFL will look into whether the Indianapolis Colts violated rules by not disclosing an injury to quarterback Andrew Luck, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported Sunday morning Luck has been playing with multiple fractured ribs since Week 3, in addition to the injury to Luck’s throwing shoulder that sidelined him for two games earlier this season.

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson issued a statement through the team Sunday afternoon, denying the team has committed a violation. “Our injury reports are accurate,” Grigson’s statement said. “If people have any questions about player injuries, they should refer to our injury reports.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that the penalty may be a loss of draft picks and/or a fine.

Remember, Colts GM Greg Grigson is the mancunt  that tipped off the officials that the Patriots were "tampering" with footballs during the AFC Championship game.  Now, he may get penalized for breaking NFL rules regarding reporting injuries?  That is the fucking definition of irony.

If Roger Goodell really cares about the integrity of the game, then he has to go hard after this asshole.  If the report is true, it means the Colts cheated and GM Ryan Grigson lied about it by denying it.  That absolutely compromises the integrity of the game and is the height of friggin arrogance.

The Colts should face a minimum $1M fine and a loss of two draft picks.  If the Patriots got that for an equipment violation, then that should be the starting point for not reporting an injury and lying about it.  This is where the rubber meets the road and we find out if Roger Goodell really cares about the integrity of the game or is completely full of shit.

What's sad is, we all know how this is going to end.  The Colts are going to say Jay Glazer is a liar and Goodell will take their word for it and not even bother to investigate...because they aren't the Patriots.

This league is so fucked up.

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REPORT: The Jets Asked The NFL To Sweep The Locker Room For Listening Devices Before The Game Last Week.

From NYDailyNews:
You can never be too careful around the Patriots. The Jets were wary enough of their friends in Foxborough to request that the NFL search their locker room for listening devices before the team's game against the Patriots, Boomer Esiason claimed on his WFAN show Friday morning.

The NFL deferred comment to the Jets, who would not comment on their security measures. In September ESPN cited several former Patriots coaches and employees that revealed that the Patriots would have someone sneak into the opposing locker room during pre-game warmups and steal the opponent's play sheets. The Patriots have strongly denied any notion of wrongdoing.

So, this is what it has come to.  The Patriots are so goddamn good that people are once again accusing them of cheating.  I knew this day would come.  I really did.

What gets me is the fact that these morons actually believed an ESPN report and acted on it.  That is probably the saddest part of this whole thing.

Remember, that is the same network that basically launched DeflateGate by falsely reporting that 11 of the 12 balls being improperly deflated.  They have been a propaganda machine for Roger Goodell for months...okay, I have to stop or I'm going to lose my fucking mind again.

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