An ESPN Columnist Compared Patriots Fans To Greg Hardy Supporters. That Network Has Officially Hit Rock Bottom.

ESPN "columnist" Jane McManus was on Mike & Mike and said the following.

From ESPN Radio:
I think you look at the Patriots fan base with Deflategate and you will find a group of people that are surrounding that team and really defend that team.  You all know better than anyone working in this business that fans will often defend a team no matter what has happened with it or what the player has done....I think that’s the ultimate problem. You do have fans that are going to defend him [Greg Hardy]."

This “columnist” is obviously just toeing the company line. She has clearly been brainwashed, just like most of the other on air “talent” at that sad excuse for a sports network, to shit on Patriots fans.

We are no different than people who blindly support a domestic abuser? There is no way on God’s green Earth someone can truly believe that.  There is no fucking way.

The fuckface executives running that network, whose mission it is to shit on Patriots fans on behalf of Roger Goodell, must have got to her.  They took a good "columnist" and turned her into just another one of Goodell's douchebag soldiers.

If she had a brain of her own, she would know that the Ideal Gas Law explains the alleged loss of air pressure in the AFC Championship game and that we are, therefore, not blindly supporting a cheater.  If she had a brain of her own and did her friggin homework, she would know that Patriots fans do denounce actual criminals like Aaron Hernandez.

But nope.  She is just another douchey troll spinning reality, spewing ESPN’s propaganda and shitting on fans of the best team in the NFL right now.  What a goddamn shame.

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