Ladies And Gentlemen, Your AFC Offensive Player Of The Week.

Tom Brady has won his 25th AFC Offensive player of the Week award after shredding the Miami Dolphins on “Thursday Night Football." And while the NFL is quick to credit the Patriots signal-caller, ESPN was not.

Using their “Total QBR” algorithm, the mothership ranked Brady 14th for his performance, behind the Week 8 performances of Aaron Rodgers (77 passing yards, no touchdowns) and Geno Smith (265 yards, two touchdown, one interception).

This must really burn ESPN's ass. I swear, that bullshit "total QBR" stat was made up by them just to make Tom Brady look bad on a weekly basis (according to Wikipedia, the stat was literally invented by ESPN).

I mean, how the hell does a guy who throws for 356 yards and four touchdowns rank lower than Aaron Rodgers, who threw zero touchdowns? It is a stupid, stupid stat. (FWIW here's the complete Week 8 rankings).

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