Report: ESPN Employee, Ray Lewis, Gave The Bills A Pregame Pep Talk At Hotel Before Monday Night's Game.

From NESN:
Lewis was one of just two of ESPN’s panelists to pick against the undefeated Pats on Monday, instead taking Rex Ryan’s Bills on the road. He also provided egregious commentary that he’d rather play for Ryan than New England coach Bill Belichick. But arguably the most interesting tidbit — and humorous, when you try to picture it — comes from this rumor: Scott Zolak was told that Ray Lewis gave a speech to the Bills Sunday Night prior to the Pats game.

I'm sorry but Ray Lewis cannot work for this network after this. An ESPN employee giving a pep talk to a Patriots opponents? Jesus H Christ, now I've heard it all.

Listen, this isn't just a journalistic integrity issue. This is a friggin scandal.  If Lester Holt have Barack Obama a prespeech pep talk before he took the podium, all hell would break loose at NBC.

What's fucked up is that no one will cover this.  ESPN isn't going to cover an ESPN scandal.  The mainstream Boston sports media won't go after them because they are all pussies and afraid of being called homers.  The sports talk show hosts probably will, but no one in the national media will listen to them because they are a bunch of blowhards who sling bullshit daily.  Everyone is tone deaf to them.

So, you know what? ESPN just got away with this one.  Ray Lewis will continue to work for this piece of shit network as if nothing every happened and there will be zero accountability.

Just like when that coward Christ Mortenson lied about 11 of 12 balls being improperly deflated and just kept showing up to work and kept getting air time and just kept on tweeting away.

That network is being run by, and employees, a bunch of assholes.  And it pisses me off.

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