Well, The Broncos Aren't Undefeated Anymore...And We Got To See Our First Manning Face Of The Season.

Not only did the Broncos lose to the sad sack Colts, we also got to see our first Manning Face of the season today.  It's been a while and to be honest, I've kinda missed his fugly "well, awe shit" face.

Anyway, this game told me a lot.  First of all, it told me that Peyton Manning is still good at shitting the bed.  He had a chance to break Brett Favre's NFL record for all-time passing yards and all-time wins and do it in the city that made him and (what a shocka) he choked.  So, the dude is still a world class choke artist.

On top of that, the fact that this "great" Broncos defense couldn't even stop an injured Andrew Luck tells me that the Patriots are going to kick the shit out of these frauds on November 29th.  Mark my words.

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