Wow. I Didn't Realize USA Today Was Being Run By A Bunch Of Assholes...Until Today.

via @MichaelFHurley

From USAToday:
Not only does Tom Brady cut a dash in a tux, he has reached that rare level of hero status Bond enjoys – people don’t care whether he did or did not cheat in the pursuit of ultimate glory.

As for Bond, for all of his upper-class English charm, he has long been a master of dirty tricks....for Bond, however, there was no outcry, no inquest, no Wells Report-style investigation from other spies, international governments, crime syndicates or even his boss M, the Roger Goodell of the counter-intelligence world.

Bond hits American theaters on Thursday, six months to the day since Ted Wells briefly entered the consciousness of sports fans and Brady’s text messages became public consumption.
Maybe it was just nonsense to begin with. Or maybe people are more willing to forgive when it’s Brady.  Charm, good looks, talent and a tendency to win big will get you far. Just ask the globe-trotting man of mystery who regularly has a beautiful woman at his side. Or ask James Bond.

The editors of that "newspaper" are a bunch of assholes.

First of all, they shamefully tied Tom Brady into their infomercial for the new James Bond movie in order to get more clicks.  Secondly, they actually employ someone who writes at a middle school level--I mean, that article is friggin painful to read.  And thirdly, they are fucking ignoring the Ideal Gas Law, just like the rest of the ignorant, Patriots hating assholes out there.

I'd call for a boycott but no one buys that pathetic excuse for a newspaper anyway.

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