Here Are The Best Sports Photos Of 2015.

And I'm not just talking about in Boston sports....I'm talking about in ALL of sports for 2015. There was no greater moment in sports this year than that Malcolm Butler interception and the ensuing Richard Sherman "I just ate all that shit that I talked all season" face. None.

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Here's A List Of The Best Sports Moments Of 2015

1. This

2. There is no number two. This was it.

VIDEO: Fitzy's "Wicked Pissah End-Of-Year-Cast" Pretty Much Nails It.

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New Video Proves That ESPN And Peter King Tried To Help Peyton Manning Cover-Up His HGH Use By Falsely Reporting. Wow.

Both Chris Mortenson and Peter King went on National TV and said that Charles Sly, the guy who outed Peyton Manning as an HGH user, didn't work at the pharmacy that sent Ashley Manning HGH in 2011. They both said that he only worked there in 2013...and they both basically lied for Peyton Manning.

It appears both of these assholes were part of the National media's attempted cover-up for Peyton Manning.  A cover-up that is quickly falling apart.

From ProFootballTalk:
“Both Manning and the operator of the anti-aging clinic maintained today that the informant worked at the clinic only in 2013,” Peter King said during NBC’s Football Night in America.

From ESPN:
Al Jazeera identified Sly as a pharmacist employed at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. But Sly told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that he isn't a pharmacist and wasn't at the Guyer Institute in 2011, as Al Jazeera claimed.

And today, this video surfaced.  This video proves that both of these "journalists" didn't follow up with sources.  It proves that they both simply talked to Peyton Manning and believed him at his word and proceeded to falsely reported his lie.

(listen at the 0:50 mark)

If ESPN has one ounce of integrity, Chris Mortenson won't have a job tomorrow.  If Sports Illustrated has any balls, Peter King will be suspended indefinitely.  What a fucking joke. 

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VIDEO: NBC Is The Latest Media Outlet Helping Peyton Manning Cover-Up His HGH Use. This Is Friggin Pathetic.

The Today Show aired a propaganda piece today defending Peyton Manning and bashing the documentary that outed him as an HGH user.

Are Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie really that fucking stupid? The HGH was mailed to Peyton Manning's wife while he was recovering from neck surgery. That is exactly how Roger Clemens got his steroids. It's the oldest trick in the book. They can't be that fucking naive.

The question should have been, "don't you think it raises a red flag when a woman who is married to an injured NFL player gets a banned substance mailed to their residence?" But nope, NBC has decided to help Peyton Manning cover-up his HGH use.

I mean, you really have to consider the source on this one. The Today Show is owned by NBC, which also airs Sunday Night Football. They have a vested interest in protecting the NFL. So they have no problem airing a propaganda piece and with the sole intent of mind fucking this country into believing Peyton Manning's wife just happened to use HGH.

Fucking pathetic.

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This Sounds About Right

According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL is going to "review" Peyton Manning's alleged HGH use.  Note that they made it a point to say they are going to "review" it and not "investigate."  Roger Goodell really is a piece of shit.

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FINAL: Jets 26 Patriots 20

I don't even know what the hell I just witnessed.

The Patriots came back in the fourth quarter to tie this game 20-20.  They had all the friggin momentum in the world.  Then in overtime they win the coin toss and choose not to receive the ball? 

What a friggin wasted game.

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So, It Appears The Refs Used A Jedi Mind Trick To Mind Fuck The Patriots. Here's The Transcript Of The Coin Toss.

This is from Adam Schefter:

So, the ref asked if the Patriots wanted to kick?  That's just fucked up.  Shouldn't the ref have asked "what do you choose to do?"  It might not have been a Jedi mind trick, but it was definitely a power of suggestions.

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VIDEO: ESPN Analysts Had A VERY Different Reaction To Peyton Manning's Denial Than Tom Brady's

What a bunch of assholes.

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Here Are The Patriots Jets Key To The Game

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This Is Video Of Bill Belichick Singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" And It Is Friggin Awesome.

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REPORT: Roger Goodell Calls Tom Brady Suspension "Eminently Reasonable" In DeflateGate Appeal.

From NESN:
The NFL filed a 38-page brief Monday with the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ahead of the March 3, 2016, Deflategate appeal hearing. Within the 38 pages, the NFL claims commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Brady was “eminently reasonable,” among other things.
The brief contains some harsh language directed at Tom Brady and Judge Berman. It has been almost a year since the NFL claimed the footballs used by Brady and the Patriots in the 2014 AFC Championship Game were underinflated.

Well, Merry Christmas to you too, Roger.

Nothing like the king of all douchebags to shit on my Christmas week.  Seriously, the league needs to just drop this appeal, save face and spare themselves the embarrassment.  It is just friggin pathetic at this point.  It really is.

The Patriots are the number one seed in the AFC and they've been using properly inflated balls the whole season.  Doesn't that fact alone prove that DeflateGate was a bunch of bullshit?  Tom Brady doesn't need deflated footballs to win.  Hell, he doesn't even need healthy wide receivers.

The bottom line is, Roger Goodell lost.  He wasted millions on a bogus investigation and a judge agreed that it was complete bullshit.  And it is over.  It's time for Goodell to drop the fucking appeal and move on with his pathetic excuse for a life.

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So The Broncos Lost, The Patriots Won And Clinched A 1st Round Bye.

It almost isn't fair. There are the Patriots and then there is everyone else. That's just the way it is.

The Patriots took care of business and beat the shit out of the Titans meanwhile the Broncos shat all over themselves and lost to the Steelers, so the Patriots are currently the #1 seed in the AFC and clinched a first round bye.  What a friggin day.

Oh yea, and they have now won 12 straight games for the sixth straight season.  We are so friggin spoiled around here. We really are.

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Your Fan Sign Of The Game

I just want to remind everyone that Scott Zolak is the color commentator for the Patriots radio broadcast.  He basically works for the team.  I love this dude's balls.

via Toucher&Rich

Here Are The Patriots Titans Keys To The Game.

Tom Brady is officially listed as "questionable" for this game. He reportedly missed a practice this week due to an illness, whatever that means. Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and Dont'a Hightower are also listed as questionable. Julian Edelman is listed as "doubtful" while Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are listed as "probable."

Yet, I'm not even scared.  The Titans are tied for the worst record in the NFL and flat-out suck. I don't think I'm being a cocky bastid when I say Jimmy Garoppolo throwing to a bunch of waterboys and practice squad players could kick their ass.

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I'd Like To Introduce You To Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota...

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Remember That Time Tom Brady Threw 5 TD's In One Quarter Vs The Titans? That Was Wicked Pissa.

With the Titans coming to town this weekend, it got me thinking about that time Tom Brady absolutely and unequivocally made the Titans his bitch for the day.

The date was October 18th, 2009. It was a snowy day at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots and Titans wore their throwback uniforms that day. Wes Welker and Randy Moss were on the team then. And Tom Brady threw six touchdowns (including five in one quarter) on his way to a 59-0 ass kicking of the Titans.

Here are the highlights from that day...for old times sake.

(If you can't see the video, click here to watch it on YouTube)

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Former NFL VP Of Officiating: "Looks Like The League Office Is Making Decisions On Who Wins/Loses Games" With New Playoff Officiating Rule. I Guess The Patriots Aren't Winning The Super Bowl.

From ESPN:
This week the NFL codified a limited expansion of communication for the postseason between referees and members of the league's officiating command center in New York. 
In a press release, the league said vice president of officiating Dean Blandino, or his designee, will consult not only on replay reviews but also on "administrative" issues.

Many people in the officiating community aren't buying it and remain highly suspicious of the true purpose and use of the wireless communication system.

The theory has been advanced by none other than Mike Pereira. "All of a sudden, decisions that were being made on the field or in the stadium, all of a sudden are being made in the league office. Basically, what it looks like is that the league office is making decisions on who possibly wins or loses the game," Pereira said.

When I first heard that the NFL was going to let the VP of Officiating have direct communication with officials during the playoffs, my first thought was Roger Goodell wants to make sure he screws the Patriots.  Like he wants to be 1000% sure that they don't make it to the Super Bowl and that he doesn't have to hand the Vince Lombardi trophy to Tom Brady.

Now, it appears I was kinda right.

Mike Pereira works for Fox Sports now but he isn't just some media blowhard.  The guy was the Director of Officiating for the NFL from 2001 until 2004.  He was the Vice President of Officiating for the NFL from 2004 until 2009.

This guy is a former insider.  He was literally in charge of officiating in that league for Christ's sake.  And he is saying that it looks like the league office is making decisions on who wins and loses games?  That is some heavy duty shit right there.  He's not speculating and simply accusing the league of rigging games.  He is telling us this how it is going to go down in the playoffs.

So, this is it.  This is checkmate.  Roger Goodell won.  He just ensured the Patriots WILL get screwed and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.  He dropped the hammer of God on them and showed the world that this is his fucking league and that Tom Brady will get punished for DeflateGate.  Period.  This is it.

Mark your calender, folks.  It was December 16th.  That was the day the NFL announced these changes and the day they officially turned into the WWE.  All because Roger Goodell couldn't live with the fact that Tom Brady beat him at his little DeflatGate charade.  What a fucking sad day to be a football fan.

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VIDEO: Tom Brady Cut His Press Conference Short When Asked About Donald Trump.

Watch as some dickhead reporter presses Tom Brady about his relationship with Donald Trump.

(via @JoeGiza)

I'm sorry, but there is no need to harass Tom Brady about gossipy bullshit on a Wednesday in the middle of football season. The reporter who pressed him about Trump is a dickhead and ought to be ashamed of himself.

I don't blame Brady one bit. I mean, this is tabloid bullshit. Who really gives a shit if Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump and why the fuck does that matter on a Wednesday in the middle of football season?

Brady's job right now is to win football games. Period.  And these weekly press conferences are a part of his job.  Save this stuff for the checkout line at the supermarket.  No one friggin cares.

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The Dolphins Lost Last Night, So The Patriots Have Officially Clinched The AFC East Again.

This sounds about right.

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FINAL: Patriots 27 Texans 6

The media washed JJ Watts' balls all week leading up to this game.  They said that his broken hand didn't matter. They said that he is (even with the injury) one of the best players in the NFL. They said he was a game changer. Yet in this game, he didn't do a goddamn thing (0 sacks, 0 interceptions).  Tom Brady basically had his way with this Texans defense and JJ Watt was not a factor.  Those are the facts.

And the Texans offense didn't do shit either. They only had seven first down the entire game and didn't even score a friggin touchdown.  The Texans have some damn good receivers, too.  But in the end, the Patriots defense did their jobs.

So anyway, this was a nice scrimmage. Bill Belichick kept bodies warm. Gronk got some playing time. Brady got his reps in. Yawn.

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Your Tweet Of The Night


VIDEO: Danny Amendola Actually Shoved JJ Watt Pretty Good. Damn, I Like His Balls.

Danny Amendola is 5' 11" and 190 lbs. JJ Watt is 6' 5" and 289 lbs. And tonight, this happened:

I love Amendola's balls.

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Here Are The Patriots Texans Keys To The Game

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If You're Still Feeling Shitty About The Patriots Losing 2 In A Row, Watch This.

Here Is Fitzy's "Wicked Pissah Dropkick Ventcast." Consider it therapy. You're welcome.

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Tom Brady Has Lost An NFL High 343 Yards Due To Penalties, 57% More Than The #2 QB Carson Palmer.

From SportingCharts:
The number of passing yards lost to penalties is found by calculating how many passing yards a team accumulated on a given play, and subtracting any penalty yards tacked onto the end. Having a low number of passing yards lost to penalties is essential to the success of every football team.

How can you look at these numbers and say the NFL isn't trying to sabotage the Patriots season?  Numbers don't lie.  And looking at these numbers, Roger Goodell is fucking Tom Brady pretty good.

Honestly, you knew this was coming.  The moment Tom Brady beat Roger Goodell in court, you knew he and his henchmen were going to find a way to screw Brady and the Patriots.  And the only way they could was with officiating.  They weren't going to set up another bullshit sting operation.  So, this is it.  Their way of winning the dick measuring contest is to rig the officiating.

What's friggin awesome is the fact that the Patriots are still 10-1 and Tom Brady is still the leading candidate for league MVP.  I cannot wait to see the shit eating grin on Brady's face when Roger Goodell hands him the Vince Lombardi trophy on February 7th.  I cannot friggin wait.

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Warren Sapp Says The Patriots Started Cheating In 2000 And Still Cheat....At A David Ortiz Charity Event.

From WEEI:’s Rob Bradford caught up with Sapp at the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Sanctuary Resort in the Dominican Republic on Friday.

The former defensive tackle was asked what he thinks of the Patriots. “They cheat,” Sapp said.

“When Tony Dungy took us, the 2000 Tampa Bay Buccaneers up there for Week 1, we dumped all our playbooks in Tampa,” Sapp said. "We went out and got off to a 14-0 lead and [they] came rumbling back after the second half. That’s how y’all cheat.”

“The latest example would be [Thursday] night when Mike Tomlin was sitting there listening to y’all’s radio broadcast in his headphones,” Sapp said. “How do you explain that?"

I cannot believe he spewed this bullshit at David Ortiz's Celebrity Golf Tournament and not one person there punched him in the face.  It really sounds like he was just being a dick just for the sake of being a dick.  There was no reason to go off like that.

Actually, he's a world class asshole, so I'm not really surprised he responded the way he did to a simple question about the Patriots.  This is a guy who made millions in the NFL and stopped paying child support to his ex-wife then filed for bankruptcy.  Oh yea, then there was that time he was arrested for domestic battery.  And that other time he was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute (according to his wikipedia page).

And for the record, he flat-out lied about the game in 2000.  According to Pro Football Reference, the Patriots lead in that game 3-0 and 10-7 before the Buccaneers came back and won 21-16.  So, this dude has no friggin idea what he is talking about. 

I wonder how long before ESPN offers him a job.

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FINAL: Eagles 35 Patriots 28

Special teams were atrocious in this game.  Two punts, including a blocked punt, were returned for touchdowns by the Eagles.  For some reason, which blows my friggin mind, the Patriots did a drop kick for a punt and the Eagles recovered at their 41 yard line and eventually scored.

Anyway, do you know what really sucks?  The Broncos and Bengals won today so the Patriots are now the #3 seed in the AFC.  That really fucking sucks.

If Gronk and Edelman played in this game, the Patriots would have won.  There is no doubt in my mind.  And if my aunt had a dick, she'd by my uncle.  Anyway, on to Houston.

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Here Are The Patriots Eagles Keys To The Game

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The NFL Fined Von Miller For Hitting Tom Brady But Only Half The Amount Other Players Get Fined. WTF???

From DenverPost:
The incident occurred with the New England Patriots facing a second-and-9 at their 21-yard line early in third period. Brady dropped back to pass and as he avoided pressure he spun and slipped to the ground. Broncos defensive tackle Vance Walker corralled Brady's legs, but Miller jumped over Walker, hitting the quarterback. Officials penalized Miller 15 yards for roughing the passer.

Miller told The Post he was fined $8,681 for striking the Patriots quarterback. Roughing the passer calls for a $17,363 penalty according to the NFL fine schedule, but Miller received a fine in accordance with a late hit.

What the fuck is that all about? Roger Goodell can fine someone less if they hit Brady? I'm not a lawyer, but doesn't that equate to putting a bounty on someone's head?  If Von Miller got penalized for roughing the passer, he should get fined for ROUGHING THE PASSER.  Period.

If I'm Tom Brady, I'm on the phone with the NFLPA tonight. Roger Goodell has to be called out for this.  He owes it to Tom Brady, the Patriots and the entire NFL to explain his reasoning.

This sends a message to the rest of the league that if you go after Tom Brady, you basically get a discount.  That is fucked up.  And it is no different than paying players to injure guys (get ready for DiscountGate).

Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization must be ripshit right now.

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Denver Post Columnist Says Patriots Are "Too Soft" To Win Super Bowl This Year.

From Mark Kiszla of
If Osweiler can beat New England in his second start as a pro, then certainly Andy Dalton or Cam Newton could do the same in the playoffs.  The Pats are soft. Soft doesn't win the Super Bowl. In the playoffs, foes smell weakness.

Players know. Leading up to the game against New England, when told the Patriots were a team for the ages, the Broncos rolled their eyes. Team for the ages? The Patriots aren't even the league's best team in 2015.

The champ is hurt and bleeding. The knockout blow? It's only a matter of time.

If this guy came to the conclusion that the Patriots are soft after watching the Broncos game, then is a friggin moron. Any other team with this amount of injuries would have packed it in a long time ago and gave up on the season. That is a fact. It happens all the time in this league.

But a depleted Patriots team came into Denver, played balls to the wall (and had to play overcome atrocious officiating) and brought the Broncos to overtime yet this guy is too stupid to see that.

I understand that people like this are just trolls trying to get people to click on their articles but he just sounds to Goddamn ignorant.  It really is a shame that the people of Denver have to read this kind of bullshit journalism.

And what this clown doesn't understand is that bullshit articles like this just motivate Tom Brady even more than he already is. He feeds off of this kind of garbage and I guarantee that if the Patriots play the Broncos in the playoffs, this "article" will be on their bulletin board.

Thanks for the material, asswipe.

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Eagles CB Byron Maxwell Thinks Sam Bradford Is The Best QB In The Game, Not Tom Brady. Um...Okay.

Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell was asked if Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL and, according to John Clark of CSNPhilly, Maxwell replied, "I'd like to think Sam Bradford is the best."

Tom Brady is already pissed off from that Broncos loss now he has this dumb bastid running his mouth?  I cannot wait for Sunday.  Brady is going to light up that Eagles secondary like a friggin Christmas tree.

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The Cover Of Sports Illustrated This Week Shows A Blatant Penalty By The Broncos That Wasn't Called. That Is Friggin Hilarious.

This right here is a textbook holding penalty on Dominique Easley by Broncos offensive lineman Matt Paradis. The dude is getting friggin choked for Christ's sake and it wasn't called.

Kudos to Sports Illustrated for having the balls to use this picture and embarrass the NFL. Then again, it may have been inadvertent. I mean, there were so many missed calls there is a chance SI couldn't find a picture of Brock Osweiler that didn't show one.  The officiating was that much of a friggin joke.

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Just An FYI, David Price's Girlfriend Called Red Sox Fans Pieces Of Shit During 2013 ALDS. Real Classy Broad, Huh?

via @kstatetif

And she is a bit of a grammar nazi.

via @kstatetif

The backstory is that she was at a Red Sox game and was being harassed by some drunk idiots, so she decided to go on Twitter and call out an entire fanbase.  Seems a little over the top if you ask me.

I mean, I understand that when you're famous, or married to someone who is famous, you have to deal with a lot of bullshit.  That's a fact.  That being said, you have to rise above it.  You have to have thick skin.

Going on Twitter and calling an entire fanbase a piece of shit is childish and to be honest, kinda makes you look like a bit of a cunt.

Anyway, now she is married to the ace of the Red Sox.  It should be a real interesting summer at Fenway Park.

(On a side not, to this day the tweet has not been deleted and she has not apologized. On another side note, she is blocking me on Twitter)

Like I said, it's going to be a real interesting summer at Fenway Park.

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REPORT: NFL Removes Poorly Performing Refs From SNF Game, Assigns Them To The Patriots Eagles Game. I Shit You Not.

From CBSBoston:
The NFL has an announcement to make: Referee: Pete Morelli and his officiating crew are not good enough to handle a prime-time game. But they’re plenty good enough to officiate the Patriots’ game.

This news developed Tuesday morning, when Mike Florio reported that Morelli’s crew was being taken off the Sunday night game between the Colts and Steelers after that crew performed poorly this past Sunday in the Cardinals-49ers game.

Brief history lesson: Morelli was the referee for the controversial wild-card playoff game between the Lions and Cowboys this past January. Morelli’s crew on Sunday at one point forgot how to count downs. As in, the officiating crew didn’t know what down it was.

How the hell can you look at this and NOT think the NFL is trying to sabotage the Patriots season?  This is about as blatant as it gets.

I guess Roger Goodell isn't going to hide his hatred for Tom Brady anymore.  He just doesn't give a fuck.  It is his league and he knows he can do this kind of bullshit and get away with it, so he does.  That is fucking sad.  He is turning this league into WWE for Christ's sake.

So, for the rest of the season the Patriots will be playing the refs and their opponents...because Roger Goodell has a thorn up his ass for Tom Brady and finally found a way to stick it to him.  Fuck Roger Goodell.  Fuck him to hell.

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VIDEO: Despite BARELY Beating A Banged Up Patriots Team, Trent Dilfer Predicts The Broncos Will Win The Super Bowl This Year. Ugh.

The crew from Monday Night Football made their Super Bowl predictions last night and well known Patriots hater Trent Dilfer actually predicted that Peyton Manning will come back this season and the Broncos will win the Super Bowl.  

I'm sorry, but there is no way someone who considers themselves a football analyst can honestly, truly believe that.  The guy is just an asshole trying to get people mad. There is no other explanation.

The Broncos barely beat a Patriots team that is missing it's top two wide receivers and lost Gronkowski late in the game.  If Danny Amendola and Julien Edelman were in this game, the Patriots would have friggin embarrassed these frauds.  Anyone with half a brain can comprehend that.

Jesus H Christ, Trent Dilfer needs to find a new job.  He is an embarrassment to that shitstain of a network.

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Your Tweet Of The Day

This is an actual tweet from Rob Gronkowski today.  Damn, even Gronk is calling out the refs. I like his balls.


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