Former NFL VP Of Officiating: "Looks Like The League Office Is Making Decisions On Who Wins/Loses Games" With New Playoff Officiating Rule. I Guess The Patriots Aren't Winning The Super Bowl.

From ESPN:
This week the NFL codified a limited expansion of communication for the postseason between referees and members of the league's officiating command center in New York. 
In a press release, the league said vice president of officiating Dean Blandino, or his designee, will consult not only on replay reviews but also on "administrative" issues.

Many people in the officiating community aren't buying it and remain highly suspicious of the true purpose and use of the wireless communication system.

The theory has been advanced by none other than Mike Pereira. "All of a sudden, decisions that were being made on the field or in the stadium, all of a sudden are being made in the league office. Basically, what it looks like is that the league office is making decisions on who possibly wins or loses the game," Pereira said.

When I first heard that the NFL was going to let the VP of Officiating have direct communication with officials during the playoffs, my first thought was Roger Goodell wants to make sure he screws the Patriots.  Like he wants to be 1000% sure that they don't make it to the Super Bowl and that he doesn't have to hand the Vince Lombardi trophy to Tom Brady.

Now, it appears I was kinda right.

Mike Pereira works for Fox Sports now but he isn't just some media blowhard.  The guy was the Director of Officiating for the NFL from 2001 until 2004.  He was the Vice President of Officiating for the NFL from 2004 until 2009.

This guy is a former insider.  He was literally in charge of officiating in that league for Christ's sake.  And he is saying that it looks like the league office is making decisions on who wins and loses games?  That is some heavy duty shit right there.  He's not speculating and simply accusing the league of rigging games.  He is telling us this how it is going to go down in the playoffs.

So, this is it.  This is checkmate.  Roger Goodell won.  He just ensured the Patriots WILL get screwed and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.  He dropped the hammer of God on them and showed the world that this is his fucking league and that Tom Brady will get punished for DeflateGate.  Period.  This is it.

Mark your calender, folks.  It was December 16th.  That was the day the NFL announced these changes and the day they officially turned into the WWE.  All because Roger Goodell couldn't live with the fact that Tom Brady beat him at his little DeflatGate charade.  What a fucking sad day to be a football fan.

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