Denver Post Columnist Says Patriots Are "Too Soft" To Win Super Bowl This Year.

From Mark Kiszla of
If Osweiler can beat New England in his second start as a pro, then certainly Andy Dalton or Cam Newton could do the same in the playoffs.  The Pats are soft. Soft doesn't win the Super Bowl. In the playoffs, foes smell weakness.

Players know. Leading up to the game against New England, when told the Patriots were a team for the ages, the Broncos rolled their eyes. Team for the ages? The Patriots aren't even the league's best team in 2015.

The champ is hurt and bleeding. The knockout blow? It's only a matter of time.

If this guy came to the conclusion that the Patriots are soft after watching the Broncos game, then is a friggin moron. Any other team with this amount of injuries would have packed it in a long time ago and gave up on the season. That is a fact. It happens all the time in this league.

But a depleted Patriots team came into Denver, played balls to the wall (and had to play overcome atrocious officiating) and brought the Broncos to overtime yet this guy is too stupid to see that.

I understand that people like this are just trolls trying to get people to click on their articles but he just sounds to Goddamn ignorant.  It really is a shame that the people of Denver have to read this kind of bullshit journalism.

And what this clown doesn't understand is that bullshit articles like this just motivate Tom Brady even more than he already is. He feeds off of this kind of garbage and I guarantee that if the Patriots play the Broncos in the playoffs, this "article" will be on their bulletin board.

Thanks for the material, asswipe.

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