FINAL: Patriots 27 Texans 6

The media washed JJ Watts' balls all week leading up to this game.  They said that his broken hand didn't matter. They said that he is (even with the injury) one of the best players in the NFL. They said he was a game changer. Yet in this game, he didn't do a goddamn thing (0 sacks, 0 interceptions).  Tom Brady basically had his way with this Texans defense and JJ Watt was not a factor.  Those are the facts.

And the Texans offense didn't do shit either. They only had seven first down the entire game and didn't even score a friggin touchdown.  The Texans have some damn good receivers, too.  But in the end, the Patriots defense did their jobs.

So anyway, this was a nice scrimmage. Bill Belichick kept bodies warm. Gronk got some playing time. Brady got his reps in. Yawn.

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