New Video Proves That ESPN And Peter King Tried To Help Peyton Manning Cover-Up His HGH Use By Falsely Reporting. Wow.

Both Chris Mortenson and Peter King went on National TV and said that Charles Sly, the guy who outed Peyton Manning as an HGH user, didn't work at the pharmacy that sent Ashley Manning HGH in 2011. They both said that he only worked there in 2013...and they both basically lied for Peyton Manning.

It appears both of these assholes were part of the National media's attempted cover-up for Peyton Manning.  A cover-up that is quickly falling apart.

From ProFootballTalk:
“Both Manning and the operator of the anti-aging clinic maintained today that the informant worked at the clinic only in 2013,” Peter King said during NBC’s Football Night in America.

From ESPN:
Al Jazeera identified Sly as a pharmacist employed at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. But Sly told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that he isn't a pharmacist and wasn't at the Guyer Institute in 2011, as Al Jazeera claimed.

And today, this video surfaced.  This video proves that both of these "journalists" didn't follow up with sources.  It proves that they both simply talked to Peyton Manning and believed him at his word and proceeded to falsely reported his lie.

(listen at the 0:50 mark)

If ESPN has one ounce of integrity, Chris Mortenson won't have a job tomorrow.  If Sports Illustrated has any balls, Peter King will be suspended indefinitely.  What a fucking joke. 

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