REPORT: NFL Removes Poorly Performing Refs From SNF Game, Assigns Them To The Patriots Eagles Game. I Shit You Not.

From CBSBoston:
The NFL has an announcement to make: Referee: Pete Morelli and his officiating crew are not good enough to handle a prime-time game. But they’re plenty good enough to officiate the Patriots’ game.

This news developed Tuesday morning, when Mike Florio reported that Morelli’s crew was being taken off the Sunday night game between the Colts and Steelers after that crew performed poorly this past Sunday in the Cardinals-49ers game.

Brief history lesson: Morelli was the referee for the controversial wild-card playoff game between the Lions and Cowboys this past January. Morelli’s crew on Sunday at one point forgot how to count downs. As in, the officiating crew didn’t know what down it was.

How the hell can you look at this and NOT think the NFL is trying to sabotage the Patriots season?  This is about as blatant as it gets.

I guess Roger Goodell isn't going to hide his hatred for Tom Brady anymore.  He just doesn't give a fuck.  It is his league and he knows he can do this kind of bullshit and get away with it, so he does.  That is fucking sad.  He is turning this league into WWE for Christ's sake.

So, for the rest of the season the Patriots will be playing the refs and their opponents...because Roger Goodell has a thorn up his ass for Tom Brady and finally found a way to stick it to him.  Fuck Roger Goodell.  Fuck him to hell.

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