REPORT: Roger Goodell Calls Tom Brady Suspension "Eminently Reasonable" In DeflateGate Appeal.

From NESN:
The NFL filed a 38-page brief Monday with the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ahead of the March 3, 2016, Deflategate appeal hearing. Within the 38 pages, the NFL claims commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Brady was “eminently reasonable,” among other things.
The brief contains some harsh language directed at Tom Brady and Judge Berman. It has been almost a year since the NFL claimed the footballs used by Brady and the Patriots in the 2014 AFC Championship Game were underinflated.

Well, Merry Christmas to you too, Roger.

Nothing like the king of all douchebags to shit on my Christmas week.  Seriously, the league needs to just drop this appeal, save face and spare themselves the embarrassment.  It is just friggin pathetic at this point.  It really is.

The Patriots are the number one seed in the AFC and they've been using properly inflated balls the whole season.  Doesn't that fact alone prove that DeflateGate was a bunch of bullshit?  Tom Brady doesn't need deflated footballs to win.  Hell, he doesn't even need healthy wide receivers.

The bottom line is, Roger Goodell lost.  He wasted millions on a bogus investigation and a judge agreed that it was complete bullshit.  And it is over.  It's time for Goodell to drop the fucking appeal and move on with his pathetic excuse for a life.

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