VIDEO: NBC Is The Latest Media Outlet Helping Peyton Manning Cover-Up His HGH Use. This Is Friggin Pathetic.

The Today Show aired a propaganda piece today defending Peyton Manning and bashing the documentary that outed him as an HGH user.

Are Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie really that fucking stupid? The HGH was mailed to Peyton Manning's wife while he was recovering from neck surgery. That is exactly how Roger Clemens got his steroids. It's the oldest trick in the book. They can't be that fucking naive.

The question should have been, "don't you think it raises a red flag when a woman who is married to an injured NFL player gets a banned substance mailed to their residence?" But nope, NBC has decided to help Peyton Manning cover-up his HGH use.

I mean, you really have to consider the source on this one. The Today Show is owned by NBC, which also airs Sunday Night Football. They have a vested interest in protecting the NFL. So they have no problem airing a propaganda piece and with the sole intent of mind fucking this country into believing Peyton Manning's wife just happened to use HGH.

Fucking pathetic.

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