Tom Brady Has Lost An NFL High 343 Yards Due To Penalties, 57% More Than The #2 QB Carson Palmer.

From SportingCharts:
The number of passing yards lost to penalties is found by calculating how many passing yards a team accumulated on a given play, and subtracting any penalty yards tacked onto the end. Having a low number of passing yards lost to penalties is essential to the success of every football team.

How can you look at these numbers and say the NFL isn't trying to sabotage the Patriots season?  Numbers don't lie.  And looking at these numbers, Roger Goodell is fucking Tom Brady pretty good.

Honestly, you knew this was coming.  The moment Tom Brady beat Roger Goodell in court, you knew he and his henchmen were going to find a way to screw Brady and the Patriots.  And the only way they could was with officiating.  They weren't going to set up another bullshit sting operation.  So, this is it.  Their way of winning the dick measuring contest is to rig the officiating.

What's friggin awesome is the fact that the Patriots are still 10-1 and Tom Brady is still the leading candidate for league MVP.  I cannot wait to see the shit eating grin on Brady's face when Roger Goodell hands him the Vince Lombardi trophy on February 7th.  I cannot friggin wait.

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