Warren Sapp Says The Patriots Started Cheating In 2000 And Still Cheat....At A David Ortiz Charity Event.

From WEEI:
WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford caught up with Sapp at the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Sanctuary Resort in the Dominican Republic on Friday.

The former defensive tackle was asked what he thinks of the Patriots. “They cheat,” Sapp said.

“When Tony Dungy took us, the 2000 Tampa Bay Buccaneers up there for Week 1, we dumped all our playbooks in Tampa,” Sapp said. "We went out and got off to a 14-0 lead and [they] came rumbling back after the second half. That’s how y’all cheat.”

“The latest example would be [Thursday] night when Mike Tomlin was sitting there listening to y’all’s radio broadcast in his headphones,” Sapp said. “How do you explain that?"

I cannot believe he spewed this bullshit at David Ortiz's Celebrity Golf Tournament and not one person there punched him in the face.  It really sounds like he was just being a dick just for the sake of being a dick.  There was no reason to go off like that.

Actually, he's a world class asshole, so I'm not really surprised he responded the way he did to a simple question about the Patriots.  This is a guy who made millions in the NFL and stopped paying child support to his ex-wife then filed for bankruptcy.  Oh yea, then there was that time he was arrested for domestic battery.  And that other time he was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute (according to his wikipedia page).

And for the record, he flat-out lied about the game in 2000.  According to Pro Football Reference, the Patriots lead in that game 3-0 and 10-7 before the Buccaneers came back and won 21-16.  So, this dude has no friggin idea what he is talking about. 

I wonder how long before ESPN offers him a job.

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