An ESPN "Reporter" Is Openly Rooting For Peyton Manning To Win The Super Bowl. That Just Pisses Me Off.

Yesterday, ESPN reporter Ed Werder tweeted the following:
I'm pleased for Peyton Manning that he's earned the chance to lead #Broncos into playoffs. We all want to see legend get one more SB chance

That fucking pisses me off.

ESPN shat on Tom Brady for months during DeflateGate. They smeared his name, they lied on behalf or Roger Goodell and they spread propaganda daily.

Now, an ESPN reporter admits that he is openly rooting for Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl?  That is just fucked up.

What really pisses me off is that he didn't have to post that.  Yet he did.  He chose to put professionalism aside to wash Peyton Manning's balls.  It's like he is trying to piss us off. 

And I couldn't help but notice that he said, "we all."  Well, I guess ESPN isn't denying it anymore.  They are openly admitting that they are a bunch of biased assholes.

Which reminds me....when is ESPN going to start reporting on the fact that a second source has confirmed that Peyton Manning had HGH shipped to his house in his wife's name during his rehab from neck surgery?  I'm not holding my friggin breath.

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