Broncos' Antonio Smith Called Tom Brady A "Crybaby" That Asks Refs To Call Penalties Too Much.

From The Colorado Springs Gazette:
Do the Broncos think Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a crybaby?

"That would be an accurate statement. I've never seen any quarterback look to the referee right after he gets sacked more than Brady," defensive lineman Antonio Smith said with a smile at Dove Valley on Monday. 

"Every time he gets sacked he looks at the ref like, 'You see him sack me? Was that supposed to happen? He did it a little hard. Please throw a 15-yard penalty on him. Get him fined.'"

It is pretty pathetic that a professional football player would call another player a crybaby days before the AFC Championship game. It really is. Gary Kubiak has no friggin control over that locker room.

Earlier this week, Brandon Marshall was bitching because Rob Gronkowski "pushes off" and gets away with it.  I've never heard a team bitch so much about officiating before they've even played the game.

It's actually sad.  I mean, the Patriots are favored by 3.5 points in this game despite the fact that the Broncos were the #1 seed and are playing at home.  These guy seem scared.  They really do.

They are lobbying the refs for calls before even setting foot on the field.  That is the sign of a team scared shitless.

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