Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Says Gronk Is Hard To Cover Because He "Pushes Off"

From WEEI:
Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall kicked off the week leading up to the AFC title game with a shot across the bow at the Patriots and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Marshall told Pro Football Talk on Monday that the reason why Gronkowski is so hard to cover is “because he pushes off.” Gronkowski has been whistled for five offensive pass interference calls on the season, but none since the end of November.

Wow.  It appears Gary Kubiak doesn't have control over his own locker room.  Do you think Bill Belichick would ever let a Patriots player bitch and moan about an opponent?  Hell no.

Anyway, I see what this douche is doing.  He is lobbying the officials to call offensive pass interference on Gronk this Sunday.  And you know what?  They probably will.  The only way this Broncos team can beat a fully healthy Patriots team is if the officials give them the game.  Everyone in that locker room knows it.

Remember, Gronk was injured in the loss to the Broncos earlier this season and it still took them overtime to beat the Patriots, but I digress.

What I take from this is that the Broncos are a scared team.  They are scared that Peyton Manning has a wet noodle for an arm.  They are scared that Bill Belichick is going to out-coach and out-prepare Gary Kubiak and they are scared of Tom Fucking Brady.

On a side note,  I wouldn't be surprised if Roger Goodell already sent out the memo to the refs telling them to screw the Patriots.  The last thing he wants to do is hand the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady on February 7th.

Mark my words, the Broncos will get away with a lot and the Patriots will be handed a ton of bullshit penalties.  And this whiny little bitch, Brandon Marshall, will probably get his way and Gronk will get screwed worse than he's ever been screwed in his life.

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