Donnie Wahlberg Called Out Boston Globe Troll Dan Shaughnessy For Shitting On The Patriots. Kudos, Donnie.

Dan Shaughnessy wrote an article trashing the Patriots for "not trying to beat the Dolphins" on the last game of the year, thus losing home field advantage in the AFC Championship game.

Now if you read the Globe regularly, you know that Shaughnessy is good for about a dozen or so articles a year bashing the Patriots--a team that has had more success in this town over the past 15 years than any of the other teams combined.

He is basically a ball buster just for the sake of being a ball buster.  The fact that he trolls the Patriots makes his shtick even more pathetic.  He write bullshit articles, and says a lot of stupid shit that he can't honestly believe, just to get clicks and bait people into leaving comments.  And it pisses a lot of people off.

Well, Donnie Wahlberg put that prick in his a good Masshole.  This is from the Boston Globe's Facebook page (note the first comment):

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