ESPN'S Danny Kanell Thinks The Broncos Should Hit Tom Brady Late And "Send A Message." I Think He Should STFU.

From NESN:
Danny Kanell caused quite a stir Friday during his ESPN radio show with Ryen Russillo. The former Florida State and NFL quarterback was talking about Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots when he came up with a controversial idea.

"They’ve been talking about him crying, I almost feel like this is the type of game where you have to send a message like in the first and second quarter, the first half, hit him a couple of times where it’s a little past the whistle. Like, let him know you’re around.

I’m not saying dirty, but questionable. You gotta push the envelope. I would almost challenge them to like be like ‘You know what, get a 15 yarder in the first half. Draw a line somewhere, but say ‘We have to send a message.'” 

It's one thing for a network to openly hate the Patriots to impress Roger Goodell but this guy is taking it to another level.  To suggest the Broncos hit Brady after the whistle and "push the envelope?"  This friggin guy shouldn't have a job right now.

This is a league that is trying to get CTE out of the game.  And this asshole thinks the Broncos should make taking out Tom Brady a part of their strategy.  That isn't exactly a hot take.  That is irresponsible and just douchey.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if the execs at ESPN give him a raise.

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