For Anyone Thinking Peyton Manning Is Still Good...He's Not. He Sucks, Actually.

via ESPN

For the record, NFL Passer Rating isn't some bullshit stat made up by ESPN (like QBR).  It is actually the official formula used by the NFL to rank quarterbacks and has been around since 1973.

This year, Peyton Manning was statistically the worst quarterback in the NFL.  That isn't me saying that.  That is what the numbers say.

So, anyone who thinks this AFC Championship game is Brady vs Manning is wrong.  The AFC Championship game is going to be about Tom Brady throwing the ball about 60 times and dismantling the Broncos defense.

Well, that and winning despite shitty officiating.  You know Roger Goodell doesn't want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so the game will be rigged. You know it's coming.  So this game will be about the Patriots overcoming a rigged game as much as it will be about Brady throwing the ball a ton.

But I digress.  So anyway, the Broncos are putting a sucky quarterback on the field and are going to try and win despite him because that front office has no balls and don't want to hurt his feelings.  That's just friggin stupid.  But I applaud their stupidity. 

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