REPORT: Jim Nantz Is Helping Cover-Up Peyton Manning's HGH Use Because They Share The Same Agent.

During an interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN Sunday morning, Jim Nantz was asked whether he and broadcast partner Phil Simms would discuss the Al Jazeera documentary, “The Dark Side,” during the Broncos-Chargers game. Nantz emphatically said “No.”
Nantz called the Al Jazeera documentary linking Peyton Manning to human growth hormone “a non-story” Sunday — but the CBS football play-by-play announcer failed to mention that he runs in the same circles as the NFL star.

Nantz is represented by influential sports broadcasting agent Sandy Montag, who has represented Manning in some of the off-field deals that have made the Denver Broncos quarterback the league’s most marketable quarterback for most of the past decade..

Well, it looks like we have a scandal on our hands.  Not the fact that Peyton Manning used HGH during his recovery from neck surgery (that, we know).  I'm talking about the fact that the national media is covering it up.

The fact that Jim Nantz refused to even mention the story during a Broncos game is proof that we are witnessing a cover-up of epic proportions.

Peyton Manning has friends and business associates all over the media. And these very powerful, influential scumbags are helping him bury the fact that he had HGH shipped directly to his house and, in reality, is one of the biggest frauds the NFL has ever seen.

Manning is no different from Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong.  But he will never be outed as such because of assholes like Jim Nantz who are willing to lie and cover-up for him.  And that is fucking infuriating.

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