REPORT: NFL May Release PSI Data From 2015 Season The Week Before The Super Bowl

From ProFootballTalk:
The league has opted to use only a random testing procedure [to test PSI during the 2015 season], periodically removing footballs from service at halftime for testing, and then testing the replacements at the end of the game.

The league has not yet committed to making any of the PSI information public. However, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the league may be releasing a summary of the data between the conference title games and the Super Bowl.

If the data was going to make Roger Goodell look like an asshole, he would bury it.  If there was any chance that the data could be twisted and manipulated to make Tom Brady look like the bad guy during the DeflateGate saga (and to further Goodell's case in court), you know Goodell would release it when the world was watching.

Well, the world is usually watching the week leading up to the Super Bowl.  So, get ready for Roger Goodell to take a steaming shit on Tom Brady a week before he potentially plays in his seventh Super Bowl.

He is most likely going to say that, according to his data, weather doesn't affect air pressure in footballs and his $5 million witch hunt against Brady was worth it.  And for what?  So he can sway public opinion and keep his dick hard at night? 

What a fucking asshole.

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