REPORT: Officials Forgot Patriots Footballs At Their Hotel Saturday, State Police Drove Balls To The Game. Cue The ESPN Propaganda Machine.

From CBSBoston:
State Police confirm they helped the NFL deliver footballs and pressure gauges to Gillette Stadium on Saturday after an official forgot them at their hotel.
Approximately two hours before the Patriots were set to host the Chiefs in the playoffs; State Police at Logan Airport were notified by the Hyatt Hotel that the equipment had been left behind.

According to State Police spokesman David Procopio, a trooper on duty, along with the hotel employee that retrieved the equipment, drove the balls and gauges to Gillette Stadium and arrived about an hour before kickoff.

So much for the integrity of the game.

How the hell can a league that cares so much about accurate PSI measurements let anyone other than NFL officials handle game balls?  What a friggin joke this league has become.

Anyway, so how long before the ESPN propaganda machine blows this story up and tries to discredit the Patriots and their win against the Chiefs.  Stay tuned, my fellow Massholes.  It's coming.

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