REPORT: Patriots May Be Deliberately Overstating Gronk's Injuries To Confuse The Chiefs And Their Game Planning.

From ProFootballTalk:
On Thursday night, here’s what a source with knowledge of how the Patriots do business said when it comes to the high-stakes, single-elimination nature of the postseason: “Don’t buy into it.” [the fact that Rob Gronkowski has a knee and back injury]

In other words, there’s a chance that the Patriots are deliberately overstating Gronkowski’s health condition in an effort to confuse the Chiefs as they finalize a game plan for Saturday

And if, in this particular case, it causes the Chiefs to assume that they’ll see an impaired Gronkowski when in fact he’ll be fine, the Patriots could find a way to take advantage of that defect in game planning. 
If true, it’s sort of brilliant. No one ever gets investigated or punished for putting too much on the injury report; the NFL only acts (and rarely at best) when a team fails to disclose enough. If a team discloses too much or otherwise makes the situation seem worse than it is, nothing happens.

The fact that Rob Gronkowski is on the official injury report with a back and knee injury seems really bizarre.  What's even more strange is the fact that some reporters were saying that he got an injection on his knee and some said it never happened.  But now it all makes sense.

So, did Bill Belichick just find another loophole in the rules?  I mean, he has to know that a team can't get punished for putting too much on the injury report.  So, is this how he is game planning for a team that has won 11 straight games?  By mind fucking them?

That is so friggin Belichikian.  It really is.  Confuse the hell out of the Chiefs and make them scramble to come up with two game plans.  Damn, Belichick really is thinking on a whole nother level than the rest of the planet.

The question is, if Gronk shows no signs of being injured on Saturday, scores two touchdowns and the Patriots blow out the Chiefs, how long before the assholes in the national media start calling him a cheater? Stay tuned.

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