Tom Brady Didn't Get Chosen For The NFL's "Super Bowl 50 Golden Team." What The Hell Is This World Coming To?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Board of Selectors have chosen the "Super Bowl 50 Golden Team" in honor of Super Bowl 50, celebrating the best overall career performances in the Super Bowl, the NFL announced today.

"The Super Bowl 50 Golden Team is an amazing list of incredible individuals," said Pro Football Hall of Fame Executive Vice President Joe Horrigan. "Each name conjures up memories of some of the sport's greatest games showcased on its biggest platform, the Super Bowl stage."

Yet Tom Brady isn't on the list?  What a friggin joke.

Brady won four Super Bowls, just like the guy they chose for their team, Joe Montana.  He also holds the record for most touchdowns in Super Bowls (13 verse Montana's 11) and most pass completions (164 verse Manning's 90).

On top of that, there are the clutch fourth quarter comebacks.  Oh yea, and he didn't have a guy like Jerry Rice running around the field with stickum on his gloves.  I guess the snobs who made the list don't care that the man who made Joe Montana who he is admitted to cheating throughout his career.

Next season, Brady should just say fuck it and buy every one of his receivers stickum.  Then ride that stickum all the way to a fifth Super Bowl and shut the critics up.  Hell, they don't seem to care that Montana did.

(Here's the complete team from

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