VIDEO: A Broncos Fan Kicked Over A Porta Potty With A Patriots Fan Inside And Laughed About It. Stay Classy, Denver.

Broncos fans are a bunch of fucking assholes. Who laughs at this kind of barbaric bullshit?  And what kind of person records it and and gloats about it?

I guarantee we would never see anything like this at Gillette.  A Patriots fan wouldn't let another Patriots fan get away with this kind of douchebaggery.  I guarantee it.

This just goes to show you what kind of people support that team.  They don't care that their quarterback used HGH to get where he is and they don't have one ounce of human dignity.  They are fucking animals.  And I say "they" because there are a bunch of people just standing around watching and not one person is trying to help the dude or find out who did it.  Fucking pathetic.

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