SURVEY: Patriots Fans Were Voted The "Most Obnoxious" Fans In The NFL.

SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today unveiled the results of its 2016 Super Bowl Second Screen Survey. 

The research revealed that the New England Patriots, who were recently eliminated from the NFL playoffs, are #1 when it comes to obnoxious fans. More than 1 in 3 Americans (38 percent) said that the Pats had the most obnoxious fans in the playoffs.

Like we really give a flying fuck.

A survey of butthurt sports fans just voted the fans of the most successful franchise of this century the "most obnoxious" and that is supposed to mean something?  Give me a friggin break.

When a city wins 9 championships in 14 years, people are going to be jealous and they're are going to hate you.  That is just human nature.  So, calling us obnoxious because we win so much just goes to show how obnoxious the rest of this country is.

Oh yea, and the Patriots are already favorites to win Super Bowl 51, according to Vegas.  So, fuck you all.  Fuck you all very much.

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