REPORT: Peyton Manning Sent His People To "Sort Through" Records At Guyer Institute. I Guess The NFL's Investigation Is Officially Tainted.

From TheMMQB:
In response to the Al Jazeera program, Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, assembled a legal team and retained crisis management czar Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under President George W. Bush.
Manning’s crew sent a team of investigators to Indianapolis. The Guyer Institute allowed the investigators to sort through the Mannings’ records; it is unclear what they found

It’s not disputed that Manning was a patient of the Guyer Institute. He told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that his treatment at Guyer was “holistic,” involving “nutrient therapy and oxygen therapy” and the like.

So, Peyton Manning's lawyers and crisis manager, aka the guy he hired to mindfuck everyone into thinking he didn't do it, were allowed to tamper with.... I mean sort through.... the records at the Guyer Institute before the NFL has even finished their investigation?

How the hell can you hear this and NOT think they are covering something up?

I mean, the smoking guns in this situation are the packages sent to his house under his wife's name and their medical records.  If those medical records show that Ashley Manning didn't need an HGH prescription, then it's game over for Peyton.  That is the second smoking gun and he basically got caught.

But nope.  Peyton's cronies were allowed to tamper with and destroy....I mean "sort through" the Manning's records at the Guyer Institute.  So, I guess that means it's checkmate.  Peyton Manning just got away with using HGH.

There is no way the NFL can conduct an investigation now after Manning's people "sorted through" the only real evidence that exists. They just can't.  Whatever they do get their hands on will have already been "sorted through" by the guy being investigated, thus making it meaningless.

In reality, Roger Goodell should consider this situation when making his ruling.  Peyton Manning is basically not cooperating with the investigation and tampering with the evidence. That seems worthy of at least a million dollar fine and a loss of draft picks.  But I digress.

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