Here Is The Most Honest Tom Brady Peyton Manning Side-By-Side Comparison You Will Ever See.

In 18 years, Peyton Manning racked up a bunch of individual (regular season) stats, won two Super Bowls and didn't accomplish shit in the postseason, statistically speaking.  Those are the facts.

The Manning ball washers in the media are going to

tell you that Manning is right up there with Brady--and don't get me wrong, Manning had a hell of a career (statistically)--but the fact is, Brady is on another level.

There is Tom Brady, Joe Montana and then everyone else.  By the way, Brady just signed a 3 year contract extension and isn't even friggin close to being done yet.

So when Brady wins his fifth Super Bowl, there will be no more discussions or debate. There will be Tom Brady and only Tom Brady.  And that is a fact.

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